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Sold Out Church held its first meeting in Pastor Derek Jones’ living room on May 2nd, 2012.  Since then we’ve began borrowing the C3 Wrestling Academy on the outskirts of Conway for Sunday worship services.  Every Sunday we transform the wrestling academy into a house of Worship and Prayer by sliding the wrestling mats outof the way, and bringing in chairs, sound and production equipment for our services.  But the vision for Sold Out Church is bigger
One of the purposes of Sold Out is to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people where they are (see John 13:34-35).  However, there are limitations in meeting needs in a borrowed location. 
Christ isn’t our savior only on Sundays, he’s our Lord and Savior 24x7.  
With that in mind, we want to meet needs daily.

Since we’re on the outskirts of Conway, we feel like we have to BREACH the city of Conway to REACH the city.  With this mindset, we’ve found what we believe is the perfect building for this time, in the perfect location, that we can use to create a dual purpose building.  One half for a warehouse of sorts that will hold clothes, food, etc, that will be used to meet physical needs. The other will be used to meet spiritual needs and will contain a sanctuary and classrooms.
We’re extremely excited about the opportunity to serve in the heart of Conway.  We need your help to get there!  There are some renovations that are needed to bring the building into code for these purposes, including the creation of two handicapped accessible bathrooms.  The initial rough estimate of these renovations is $10,000. 
Please consider donating to our Building Fund today. 
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